Why Multi-Stream Video Channels Are Great for Video Production Companies

Posted by John Haslam

Overview of top tv providers in video production

This is such an exciting time in the video production industry! With so many output channels there is no shortage of content and new ideas to keep up with the technology age that we live in. Our job as a video production company is to cater to both client and audience, and with so many viewers there is now an audience and an outlet for anything the creative department can dream up. Variety really nailed it in their recent issue.


“Watching TV used to be so simple, or at least it seems that way in retrospect. First there were just a handful of networks. Then broadcast TV gave way to cable. But even then the number of channels multiplied exponentially…The combination of advertising and affiliate fees delivered approximately $90 billion annually to a small group of content companies…That was then, this is now…Hollywood’s participation in the likes of Sling TV and HBO Now is something akin to baby Kal-El launching out of planet Krypton in “Superman”: A culture facing the threat of extinction is seeking to find life for itself elsewhere in the solar system.”

Variety Magazine