Outsourcing: A Great Alternative For Video Production

Posted by John Haslam

Only the strong survive. It’s an old adage that translates well into the business world. Companies are looking to streamline their costs while exploring ways to grow their brand and attract new customers. In today’s digital market, video is an extremely effective tool for growth, but for many large companies, trying to create these video productions in-house can get expensive.

It comes down to having your cake and eating it too. Can businesses really create their own engaging video products with streamlined costs and low overhead? After all, having an in-house video team requires shelling out for video equipment, salaries, and the space to house it.

There’s no denying what well-produced videos can do for a company’s brand, but for many companies, the responsibility of managing an in-house creative team is too burdensome. That’s where Skystorm Productions steps in.

As one of the largest production companies in the Orlando, Florida area, Skystorm Productions is the best alternative to costly in-house video production.  Skystorm works with hundreds of businesses all over the United States and around the world in creating personalized video products designed specifically by and for each individual client.

“Video is what we do,” says John Haslam, CEO of Skystorm Productions. “Our equipment and staff are in-house, which translates to fast turn-around and excellent client service during and after the project.”

Skystorm Productions often works on a retainer basis with large companies to create advertising, marketing, informational, and internal company video projects. Skystorm even has its own mobile HD video truck for shooting on location.

Inside Skystorm’s Mobile HD Video Truck
Inside Skystorm's Mobile Truck

Inside Skystorm’s Mobile Truck

Costs are kept down because Skystorm is well established with a large client base. The quick turn-around time means less time between initial concept and the final version ready for airing.

Clients can be highly involved in the editing process with Skystorm’s Proof HQ online video viewer where ideas and edits can be shared directly between the video editors and the client – all just a click away and without leaving the office.

Outsourcing video production is a cost-effective tool savvy companies are utilizing to stack the cost/benefit equation in their favor saving time, money, and the hassle of hosting an in-house production team.