Post Production Services

Masterful Post-Production From Creative Storytellers

We are a team of obsessive creatives and finishers who thrive on continually pushing the envelope to create dramatic and impactful videos. We are a collection of seasoned editors, graphics & visual effects artists, and colorists that all fit together to fill a complete spectrum of talent. Our inventive solutions make us the perfect fit to take on any project.

With a History of Excellence

With over 20 years of experience, we have been the trusted creators and consultants for commercials, episodic content, and one-off deliverables. Our award-winning staff has worked with Disney, HBO, Fox Sports, History Channel, and more.

Versatile Post Production

We use a full range of tools to tell remarkable visual stories, whether in 30 seconds, 30 minutes, or 30 episodes. Our editorial staff has done it all, from creative commercial campaigns to national reality tv shows and everything in between.

Commercial Post-Production

We live and breathe for these projects. Of course, we love all that we do, but creating digital content for agencies and brands is a special pleasure.


Every brand has their own story to share. We believe that telling these stories should still provide entertainment. Using this approach is what allows us to make sure your message doesn’t blend into the other thousands of commercials in the world.


One of the ways we are able to achieve memorable video is by adding stunning post effects. These editorial touches push brand stories past the limitation of live-action production. Our mission is to bring a polished spot with a distinct and tailored voice to your target audience. We feel that we are champions for our clients and love being able to share in their success with every new commercial release.

High Volume Post-Production

We work with several long-term contract and retainer clients to push out high quality, high volume content. A few of our most notable ongoing projects include:

Pharmaceutical Videos

  • Creating thousands of pharmaceutical device demos and prescription drug instructional aides for use on the web and native client applications.

Faith Based Digital Broadcast Content

  • Filming and completing post on over three thousand hours of content for client’s 24/7 broadcast channel. Editorial services include title design, lower thirds, color correction, green screen replacement and typical episodic edits.

Multi Platform Teaching Series

  • End to end production services for this client includes live streaming and scripted commercial video production. Our post department edits, captions, and finalizes video deliveries for video on demand of annual teaching series, monthly conferences, and events.

Web and Broadcast Episodics

In addition to our traditional retainer relationships we have the economy of scale to add large projects to our daily workflow. With a keen eye and the strength of will to power through dailies, we always deliver a clean narrative structure that would make any showrunner happy.

Web Episodics

  • Ongoing creation of hundreds of mixed media short form documentary pieces that use a range of live-action footage, graphics, and animation. These videos are published weekly to YouTube, Info Base, and school systems. Additional projects consist of long-form documentaries for web and festivals.

Sports Broadcast

  • Multi season contract to film and provide motion tracked 2D & 3D graphics for web and broadcast show segments on sports television network.

Original Content

  • Screen replacement, color and VFX for an entire season of an original series created for a streaming network.



In-House Post Specs


  • HD and 4K Workflows
  • VFX, GFX and Literal Animations
  • Compositing
  • 2D Paint and 3D Modeling
  • Title Design
  • Sound Design
  • Color Correction
  • Digital Stock
  • Encoding


  • 12 Edit Bays
  • Post Production Supervisor
  • Full Staff of In-house Editors
  • Graphics Department
  • Fully Integrated 3 SAN System with Redundant Backup
  • Multiple Editing Platforms
  • ProTools Audio Workstation
  • Client Lounge

Proofing System:

  • Cloud-based Proofing Platform
  • Secure, Remote, Client Access via Internet
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Frame by Frame Commenting/Diagramming Tools
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Mobile Proofing Apps Available