Post Production

Post production is the final lap in your project’s race to the finish line. It involves the polishing and molding aspect of the design that catapults your work into an interactive masterpiece.

Our visual arts department consists of a full staff of in-house crew including designers and editors that are solely focused on adding the “wow” factor to your project.


  • 12 Edit Bays
  • Post Production Supervisor
  • Full Staff of In-house Editors
  • Graphics Department
  • Fully Integrated SAN System
  • Multiple Editing Platforms
  • ProTools Audio Workstation
  • Client Lounge

proofing system:

  • Cloud-based Proofing Platform
  • Secure, Remote, Client Access via Internet
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Frame by Frame Commenting/Diagramming Tools
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Mobile Proofing Apps Available