Creative Advertising In All The Right Places

Posted by Ashley McChesney

Television has come a long way since those pesky rabbit ears tuned in our favorite four channels in fuzzy black and white. These days, TV shows are growing in number, quality, and diversity with each passing season. Duck Dynasty and Grey’s Anatomy are on the opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to content; attracting different audiences with different wants, needs, buying habits, and interests. It perhaps makes television the sharpest tool for directly marketing to a highly specific audience.

The great news – Television programming is no longer confined to your television set. 

Hulu is one of the Internet’s largest websites dedicated to online television with new episodes and entire seasons’ worth of programming just a mouse-click away. The website had over a billion videos streamed in just the first quarter of 2013 and currently has over four million paid subscribers to its Hulu Plus service. What’s more, Hulu has advertised over 1,000 different brands since the site’s launch in 2007*.

At Skystorm Productions, we’ve been watching as companies become more creative in tapping into selected audiences through new avenues like social media and online television. We’ve also had the privilege to produce quality advertising for such companies in both the Central Florida area, and around the United States.

With the latest in HD video equipment and a highly experienced production staff, Skystorm can build video advertising to suit a client’s specific needs, even on specific platforms such as Hulu. Our mobile HD video truck and cutting-edge equipment puts Skystorm in a unique position to create custom video productions for a wide range of clientele.

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