Retainer Services

An entire production team for your every need…

We offer an array of flexible video production retainer packages that cater to specific long-term client needs. Over the past 5 years we have perfected this retainer program, and it has proven very cost-effective. We can offer bulk hours at prices not seen in our industry, while still providing the benefit of an entire team of experts. Our retainer packages outline the scope of work, detail workloads and include specific timelines to ensure that all needs and expectations are met. Whether you need assistance with overflow in your marketing department or need to hire a production crew on an ongoing basis – our powerhouse organization is here to do your heavy lifting.

Economy of Scale:

We can offer a package that will satisfy any workload. Our packages cost less than what you would pay your own staff while maintaining the flexibility to scale and fit any project as its needs change. We will make sure that the value of your project is not overlooked by continuing to work efficiently in order to maintain the proposed budget. These packages ensure that you won’t have to maintain your own production offices, equipment, expert staff, or even payroll taxes. We give you the benefit of an entire production team, but you only need to communicate with one staff supervisor.

This retainer relationship offers benefits far beyond discounted rates, and gives you a full-service video production team when and where you need them.

Benefits include:

  • Paying at a bulk discount rate
  • Access to an entire dedicated production team
  • Only pay for time when work is actually being performed
  • Pay a set rate for every month and hours will credit or debit against the workload
  • Monthly reports on projects posted, current status, upcoming projects and hours used