Make a Training Video Your Employees Will Pay Attention To

Posted by Ashley McChesney

Does your employee training video still look like this?

Many companies still use outdated training videos from the 80s and 90s to inform and educate employees, leaving their recent hires feeling alienated. Though these videos, full of feathered hairstyles and awkward raps (as in the Wendy’s drink preparation videos), can give us a chuckle, they do not provide an effective solution for informing and educating employees. How can you make your training video modern, relevant, and effective in relaying important business procedures and updates?

Your highest priority, as with any other video production, is to determine your purpose for creating the video. Will you be introducing new employees to the basics of their daily responsibilities, or keeping team members updated on policy changes? When you know your focus and intended message, then you can begin planning your training video.

One thing to keep in mind as you shoot your training video is the reason why video training is so effective-a phenomenon known as the Picture Superiority Effect. According to this blog from Technet, when you combine visuals with spoken word, people will remember 65% of what you have told them after three days-compare this with remembering 10% of what you say without the aid of visuals, and you can already see the difference. As with advertisements and marketing campaigns, entertainment is important within training videos, producing positive responses among employees and making them more willing to absorb shared information. Keep your message concise and engaging to optimize its efficiency.

Another thing to consider during shooting is the fact that we have access to much more advanced video production technology than we did ten years ago. When seeking a video production company to assist you with your training video, ensure that they are well equipped with top of the line cameras, lenses, editing software, and so on. Quality imagery instantly modernizes your production, bolstering the impact of the Picture Superiority Effect.

Your employee training video should be handled with as much care and value as any other video production. Captivate your audience with a concise message and interesting visuals. When properly planned, filmed, and produced, your video can help you turn your business into a well-oiled machine.