What Type of Video Does Your Company Need?

Posted by John Haslam

According to Stu Siegal at Video Industry News, “Video strategy is the creation of a plan to systematically use video to drive business goals.” Believe it or not, there are numerous different types of videos that you can tailor to your specific business needs when determining your video strategy.  The following are just a few common video types you may be able to use and modify for your ambitions in the new year.

Tutorials, or how-to videos, are becoming ever more popular in web video marketing.  These video manuals, which have a high potential for growth, are best for companies promoting a product or service who want to establish themselves as experts in their industries.  By producing a high-quality tutorial, you can provide your clients with information relevant to your industry and make the user more comfortable and familiar with your services.  You can also entertain your audience, as Nokia does in this video demonstrating how to create a phone case from old CD’s:

The customer testimonial is another great type of video production for companies who wish to increase their fan bases.  According to the Nielsen Group’s 2013 Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages Report, 84% of consumers still value word-of-mouth recommendations as the most influential factor upon their purchasing decisions.  In that vein, testimonials act as a word-of-mouth recommendation with a global audience and can help to promote a great deal of brand awareness.

If you are seeking internal growth for your company, corporate training videos present a cost-effective method to keep employees informed of responsibilities and company updates.  Hosting such videos online defers the cost of providing in-house classes and relays important information.  Remember that the whole of your company is only as strong as the sum of its parts; through the use of corporate training videos, your well-trained and informed employees can help your business to continue to grow and follow your visions.

There are myriad other types of videos you can use to reach your 2014 business goals; you can find more about them here.  Regardless of the type of production you choose, always ensure that your purpose is well-defined and your video is of the highest quality so that you can engage your target audience.