Experience Kissimmee Brand Manifesto Video

Posted by John Haslam


Brand Manifesto Video – Easy, Right?


Our relationship with Experience Kissimmee started with our first video for The Sports Commission, an extension of the core brand. The next project that they tasked us with was a brand manifesto video for the Experience Kissimmee brand itself. We were asked to create something that could reach out and touch a multi-generational and multi-cultural audience. The goal was to create a high energy video with vibrant motion graphics to highlight the storyline. The punchline – we were telling a story with no dialogue and possibly no audio. And it needed to be done in an inventive way.


More About the Brand


If you haven’t already heard of them, Experience Kissimmee is a Florida based company that is bringing attention, and travelers, to our beloved backyard. They are building whole vacation experience for friends, families, and groups that include anything you can think of. They can customize any variety of accommodations, attraction tickets, dining packages, shopping, spa visits, nature tours…ANYTHING. It’s a venture that many smaller companies have tried and failed to succeed in. Experience Kissimmee has the size, knowledge, and history with the city to really deliver on all of these promises where those other companies have fallen short. It is truly an impressive feat to work with all competing theme parks, hotels, and vacation home groups together. Experience Kissimmee has the special touch. They do all the hard PR work so that travelers have an accessible and inclusive vacation. If you can dream it, they can put it together for you. And what’s good for tourism is good for Florida, which in turn is good for us. Partnering with central Florida businesses will always hold a special place in our heart.


The Creative Process


The challenge was telling a story in a very non-traditional way. Usually, the easiest thing to do in this sort of situation is to show beautiful film, tell the story through plain typography with smooth transitions. This written dialogue is usually comprised of complete and linear sentences. The treatment is then combined with an instrumental based sound design, so all attention is focused on reading the plentiful text. You will have seen this method used all over the web. It is especially popular for short-form documentaries and YouTube commercials. But, we don’t believe in easy.


So, without a traditional spoken script, we have a few other elements to rely on. Music, animation, graphics, and the footage itself. We took each of these parts and reconfigured the typical approach to be inspirational and authentic.


Our final delivery used 2D cutout style illustrations with a 3D fly-through to add dimension and interest to the overlay. We adore using this style of parallax when we can. It really has a stunning effect. The interesting typography was paired with punchy graphics pulled from branding collateral from the Experience Kissimmee brand guide. When it came time for the music selection, most instrumentals seemed to feel a little flat, so we actually ended up with a song that had lyrics. It adds yet another layer to the video that feels so immersive you can see yourself on screen with your friends and family. Which at the very end of the day, is the goal.


What About Sound?


The last variable in this project – we were asked to create a piece that felt complete with and without any audio at all. Depending on the platform being used, having sound may not be an option or may not autoplay with sound enabled. So, we had to punch up the animation and graphics even more without overpowering the senses when the audio is being utilized. Go back and watch the video again without sound. It’s just as engaging, and the story still flows seamlessly.



This is one of many projects we have partnered with Experience Kissimmee on, stay tuned for more releases coming soon. They are definitely a brand to watch as they continue to grow.