Kissimmee Sports Commission Branding Video ‘Ready When You Are’

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Kissimmee Sports Commission Branding Video ‘Ready When You Are’

Branding Teaser Reel

The Kissimmee Sports Commission, part of the Experience Kissimmee brand umbrella, hired Skystorm to create a series of innovative and dramatic videos. This campaign will be used at events, on their website, and across social media. It serves to show the world of competitive sports just how much the Sports Commission has to offer in sunny Kissimmee.

Our goal through all stages of development for this project was to stay true to our strengths of human interest motivated videos. Sure we could show frame after frame of aerial footage of expansive soccer, football, Quidditch fields and other types of sporting arenas available for use to Kissimmee Sports Commission, but such a smart brand deserved a more exciting treatment package. So we shifted focus to the players and the emotion of the games (plus a few stunning aerial shots for good measure.)

Shooting this project took an incredible amount of planning. We were lucky to have a generous timeline to work through. In order to capture the raw emotion and excitement of live games, we waited for the pre-scheduled events to come through The Commission. Over the span of six months, we traveled to 12 different venues to capture footage from 8 events hosting thousands of attendees.

The final product is a mix of live-action footage and 2D motion graphics paired with captivating sound design. This branding spot is the first video in a long-term and strategic plan. Other deliverables include a long-form banding commercial and a complete library to pull from for future use, whether for website video or social media.

Kissimmee Sports Commission Video Behind the Scenes