How to Choose the Right Size Video Production Company

Posted by John Haslam


Size does matter when choosing an Orlando video production company. Using video as a marketing tool has been widely embraced and consistently regarded as the most powerful means of advertising. Creating a partnership with a video production company is the first step in realizing this powerful marketing medium. Of course, not all video is created equal and so you must carefully consider your options.

There are many things to consider before selecting a production company. Having a general idea of budget constraints, target audience, delivery method (TV, web, mobile, etc.), and time constraints is essential when shopping video production companies. With those needs in mind, you can now begin to evaluate your selection of production companies with some simple questions:

How large is the production company?

For pre-production, do they have in-house producers, production coordinators, and accounting support? For post-production, do they have full time editors, graphic designers, creative directors, and post-production supervisors? Having  in-house staff will not only save on the cost of freelancers but it will also guarantee customer support as long as the project lasts, and beyond.

What type of production equipment do they have?

The more equipment that they have, the better they can accommodate your scheduling and budgetary needs. This will bring down rental costs and have the equipment readily available when and where you need it.

Do they operate in an organized fashion?

How quickly did they respond to your inquiry? Did they include creative and scheduling along with their bid? Your business should be their number one priority and their responses should act accordingly.

Are you impressed with the level of expertise displayed in the quoting process?

A good producer will ask you the right questions and offer industry knowledge to better understand your project. Some clients know more than others about creating a video but the production company should be there to lend creative support and offer innovative ideas that support the goals of the client.

Are they effectively managing resources to provide for the best balance of quality and economy?

If a production company fully understands your priorities, they will approach your project with a balance of quality and economy in line with your expectations.

Are they a well-established production company with a reputation on the line?

A well established production company won’t take chances with quality or their reputation. Take a look at their demo reels and past projects. See if any align with your needs and expectations or if you are impressed by the quality and creativity of the videos.


Much like hiring an attorney, retaining a video production company is often based on the faith that the intangible product they deliver will meet or beat your expectations. Many production companies will offer low-cost options at the expense of turn-around time and quality. Small companies with only 2-3 employees must often hire third-party companies, freelance crew and rent even basic equipment in order to complete a job, costing valuable time and creating inconsistencies in the flow of production. It’s much like hiring an attorney who places your case with a paralegal or new graduate. Your case will be attended to, but not by the professional with years of experience.

Who We Are

Skystorm is a well-established Orlando Video Production Company with a reputation to uphold. In business for over 15 years, Skystorm’s team is comprised of full-time, highly-experienced staff – all located in-house and outfitted with the latest professional video, audio, lighting, and editorial equipment. Our team members take pride in building relationships with clients and facilitating a collaborative environment. Our online video proofing system, Mobile HD Video Truck, and hands-on staff all come together to deliver the best outcome and product on time, on budget, and beyond expectations.