Behind the Scenes – TV Commercial: HelloCoach

Posted by Ashley McChesney

TV Commercial: Behind the Lens


Skystorm Productions recently partnered with HelloCoach, an on-demand life coaching company, to produce Web and TV commercials for the company’s inaugural marketing campaign. Skystorm worked with the marketing team at HelloCoach to develop a creative approach that would best fit their target markets.

Skystorm utilized skilled location scouts to find the ideal residential shooting location for this production in Orlando. The home the team found was the perfect setting and provided the perfect backdrop for our various testimonials.

This TV commercial represents the first advertising campaign from HelloCoach as the young company pioneers the on-demand life-coaching marketplace. “The best thing about working with start-ups is the energy that entrepreneurs bring to the work,” says Alex Sivers, Executive Producer at Skystorm Productions. “You have no brand-identity or market norms yet, so the possibilities are endless—everything is outside of the box.”

Producing and airing one TV commercial is only the start of a larger project for HelloCoach. Creating a positive public image and brand recognition is key for any business, and requires a great deal of planning and testing. “Once you have a finished product like a TV commercial, that is where the fun really begins,” Alex continues. “We love what HelloCoach has created, and we look forward to working alongside our client and nurturing its growth together.”

Take a look at the finished product in the video above.