Skystorm Call of Duty Championship Event Recap Video

Posted by Ashley McChesney

RUN studios, based in Seattle, Washington, partnered with Skystorm Productions to cover the XBOX: Call of Duty Regional competition held at Full Sail University March 7th-9th. Along with creating an Event Recap Video for the event, Skystorm also produced and shot Team Documentaries with some of the best Call of Duty teams in the world.
Since all the videos were happening simultaneously, Skystorm provided 5 distinct 2-camera crews and a stills team.

Event Recap Video


Team Documentary: Team EnVyUs Event Recap Video

Recap Video – Which can also be found on the Home Screen of the Xbox One and Xbox 360:

You can view even more of the event recap videos here:
Team Documentary: Team Kaliber
Team Documentary: Strictly Business
Note: To watch the videos, you will need to be logged in to Google to provide age verification.