NanoSteel ‘Car Guy’ with Bob Lutz

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NanoSteel ‘Car Guy’ with Bob Lutz

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We had the privilege of working with legends on this project; NanoSteel and Bob Lutz.

NanoSteel is revolutionizing the steel industry by allowing the American Muscle Car heritage to live on in a world that is evolving into a space that requires efficient fuel economy and lower emissions. Strength without the weight.

Bob Lutz is the name behind brands like GM and VLF Motors. He has spent almost 50 years in the automotive industry, influencing and educating us all in the process.

We were tasked with building a campaign to prove that American Muscle and regulatory compliance can live together – and without sacrificing style. In this spot, we took full advantage of the reputation Bob Lutz has built for himself. We used his voice as testimony to the doors that NanoSteel is opening for an entire industry.

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