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Converge Worldwide

Faith Based Commercial Branding Video

The mission behind Converge Worldwide, an organization dedicated to church-planting, seeks to bring people together from every corner of the earth for one purpose: the purpose of Christ. To enhance its reach to a broad spectrum of viewers, Converge sought to regenerate its brand identity and create a video that would encompass their whole vision: globally and locally.

With the goal to launch the rebranding of Converge Worldwide, Converge partnered with Skystorm to create a visual message that would reach people in an inspirational way. Gabe Desoto, Director of Marketing at Converge, sought to recreate Converge’s logo to represent Christ and Converge Worldwide: the convergence of people from all over the world to tell of what Christ has done for us all.

Skystorm used a mixture of motion graphics as well as physical elements in the studio to create a live action logo for Converge. In the studio, the physical logo elements were cut and designed to have the texture of ambiguous rock, while in post-production the elements were given an angular, point-to-point design to add depth. Therefore, the viewer will not be able to decipher at any point what has been recorded in the studio or created with motion graphics.

The actors involved in the video added to Converge’s identity by displaying how every person adds a “piece” to the building of the worldwide vision.

The final goal of the video was to surprise viewers once that final push comes around to reveal the rebranded image of Converge’s identity. In order to produce this innovative video, it took a collaborative team effort and dedication to the vision of the client. In the end, a beautiful visual message was created.

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