Raise Commercial Video BTS

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Raise Commercial Video BTS

Behind the Scenes – Brand Launch Commercial Video

Skystorm produced the first ever Raise commercial, announcing to the world that ‘Sweat Stains are history!’

Skystorm auditioned almost fifty women for five roles and used 40+ storyboards for the final two minute commercial. Pre-lighting and pre-building began the day before recording at the studio; the team worked around the clock to create a set representing four different time periods. Actors were dressed in their periodical costumes and our hero leads the way, in her custom painted golf cart, to a better sweat stain removal solution, Raise: Armpit Stain Remover.

From the actors to the production team, everyone was able to have fun with Raise’s comedic commercial storyline. Take a look at our pop-up video for more trivia.

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