FSU Educational Video Series – Spanish

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FSU Educational Video Series – Spanish

Conflict Resolution PSA Video Series

Florida State University’s College of Social Work has created – and continues to expand upon, a multi-lingual co-parenting toolkit. The system was designed in partnership between the Institute for Family Violence and College of Communication & Information.

FSU’s mission in providing this toolkit is to teach families and professionals about the effects of divorce and to help them create a healthy co-parenting relationship – for the benefit of children involved.

We were brought in to execute production and post on the Spanish version of the training videos. Our series follows the same benchmarks used in its already hugely successful English predecessor, but with added aesthetic improvements through location choices and shooting style.

The cornerstone of SEM initiatives has become video because of how clearly and effectively it demonstrates complicated concepts. Our mission was to be completely transparent and honest in how we showed the impact that divorce can have on a family unit.

When compared to the alternative, video is so much more impactful than a brochure full of two-dimensional faces with ambiguously illustrated emotion. A child’s tears and sadness should feel like a punch in the gut. The sound of parents shouting in the background as we close in on a young boy’s face should make you cringe. It should make you think, and it should make you feel a little troubled.

It should make you pay attention.

Video is just about the only avenue that can stop you in your tracks that way.

Since we are right in central Florida, we tapped into the large Spanish speaking population of the Orlando area to cast and crew this project. Over the course of three days and four locations, we filmed a series of videos that included dramatizations, testimonials, and instruction.

We were thrilled to be able to do justice by this project and the gravity of the subject matter. These videos would not be nearly as powerful if they were just subtitles thrown over the original library of English instructional videos.

The Florida Department of Children and Families has taken a significant interest in these sorts of initiatives, going so far as to designate some of these types of programs as options for court-mandated parent/family stabilization courses. Both the English and Spanish version of the FSU Co-Parenting toolkit have made it onto the approved list.

FSU day two of filming