Better Man Event – Tim Tebow Intro

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Better Man Event – Tim Tebow Intro

Event Introduction – Tim Tebow

In early 2017, Skystorm post producers and edit staff were contracted to create all video and graphic elements for the upcoming Better Man Event in Orlando, FL. The show was slated to host thousands of attendees from all over the country and was to be headlined by celebrities like former NFL Super Bowl Champion, Tim Johnson, Magician, Jim Munroe, and most notably, Heisman Trophy winner and ESPN Network Sports Host, Tim Tebow.

As part of the deliverables for the conference, Skystorm was to create innovative Speaker Introduction videos for each main speaker, along with various other creative video elements, such as the Conference Opening Video and Award Winner Videos.

This Speaker Intro video was produced by creating a narrative from a current quote from a recent press conference by Tim Tebow that was gaining national attention and marrying elements from the athlete’s personal journey of faith, sports and humanitarian endeavors with a driving soundtrack. An edgy graphic treatment and sound design elements were incorporated as well, resulting in a hard-hitting, yet strikingly emotional, introduction for Mr. Tebow. His agent commented that this was one of the best intro videos for Mr. Tebow that they had seen over the years.