Action Church Motion Graphics Spot

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Action Church Motion Graphics Spot

Motion Graphics for a Strong Message


At first glance, the reality of the world around us is not always as it seems. How often do we look again at all the popular beliefs and ideals that surround our everyday thinking?

After having a long partnership together, Action Church came to Skystorm for a motion graphics project. Their vision: to encourage people to take a moment to evaluate their own beliefs and challenge them in a way to bring themselves to a better understanding.

If we are able to see past the miasma of modern society or stifle the roar of the status quo, we would be able to understand God’s truth in everyday life — this was the goal for Action Church’s short animated video.

For Skystorm, the vision at hand presented a new challenge to push the limits of their motion graphics department in order to produce a custom, complex animated video. To create the animated spot, there were several tests run to experiment with everything from the camera motion, size of text, colors used, even running through a range of fonts. This was a project that consisted of problem solving and collaborative communication between the client and Skystorm.

The final product packs a punch against popular cultural and social way of thinking. If we take a step back, see the Cross, and decide to look again, we may begin to realize the truth of the matter.