Why Film in Florida

Posted by Ashley McChesney

The Orlando film and video production industry is supported


We take filming seriously; we are called East Hollywood for a reason. Orlando is proud to have a community dedicated to ensuring that we all succeed with rich and accessible databases with multitudes of information. Orlando, Florida has video down to a science so that projects are completed with ease, leaving the focus on high caliber results. This would not be possible without the close knit community that has developed over the years. This community is happy to keep business in our backyard and will do anything to promote and drive our film industry.


History goes a long way


With new filming boom towns popping up across the country, it should be noted that these new towns are experiencing growing pains that would never be felt in an established market like Orlando. With over 50 years in the video industry most locations have already been used for filming so those in the industry more accurately understand how to use our resources to the best advantage without unforeseen time sinks, budget or permitting restrictions; which of course makes for a smooth production. The full service video production studios that call Orlando home have been here long enough that we have a short list of the best locations, crew and talent to fit all projects.


We are built to Hollywood specs


With history and experience come high expectations. Orlando offers many studios and soundstages that are Hollywood caliber, Chapman-Leonard being a great example. Universal Studios Orlando also has lots that are an extension of their home base in California. Though with the famous weather here, you are never limited to indoor filming.
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We are not just a beach


Florida has the unique option to shoot year round. Though Orlando is just a short drive to beaches on either coast, we are just as close to other diverse terrain and foliage options. Hills, springs, historic homes, brand new stadiums, and metropolitan areas are all easily accessible. The Florida Office of Film and Entertainment has a photo database for reference in pre-production planning. Taking it a step further, the Orlando Film Commission is always happy to share their knowledge of film friendly locations and will get you in direct contact with whoever you need.
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Permitting is easy


Yes, there are a ton of great locations, but permitting will always be key. Florida’s long history in film has made permitting a tried and true process. To the point that the Orlando EDC Film Division has developed a one stop permitting resource online. This is possible because so many locations are used for our busy industry. There is no longer any fear for these locations to allow filming which is what usually hikes up the price of what would should be a cost efficient expense. Permitting has become reasonably priced and set to an industry standard because unlike some of the other new filming towns – everyone understands what filming in their location entails.


Keeping to budget


Production needs are set to an industry standard due to experience and longevity, as any large market would be. Orlando also has the benefit of having other flourishing industries that offer production support. Being a huge tourist draw, destination wedding spot, and convention hub; the cost of production is drastically cut down by four-star hotel and catering pricing being a fraction of what you would find elsewhere.


Local crew and talent


Orlando is home to many film schools such as Full Sail and UCF that draw the top aspiring talent from around the world. These students are groomed and immersed in the industry through hands on internships before they are ever hired. Florida being a right to work state also makes it very easy to hire the top professional crews locally. With so much talent that already have their roots in Florida, crewing is extremely easy. ProductionHUB has become a great resource for local production companies, talent, and crew nationwide – but with home offices right here in Orlando.
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Local talent is very diverse in the melting pot community that exists in Orlando. Multi-lingual and with a diverse look – every project treatment can be casted with the ideal actor. Orlando also has renowned talent agencies that make sure their talent is the best of the best through continued education with acting classes and workshops.

No Matter What

There will always be talk and debate about tax incentives, and of course this is a corner stone to any successful video industry focused region, but we forget sometimes to celebrate what makes us unique, what makes us strong, what makes us a community that resembles family – because southern hospitality is still a thing here.
We are Orlando, we are Florida, and we will always be filming.
Thank you to all of the film commissions, associations (especially Film Florida and Women in Film), freelancers, talent, and companies that keep us strong.