Skystorm’s Orlando, Florida Production Studio is Complete

Posted by Ashley McChesney

Why an In-house Production Studio was Necessary


Written By: Mark McNabb

skystorm orlando florida production studio

Best Choice for Orlando, Florida Production Company


Based in Orlando, Florida – Skystorm boasts an in-house studio fully equipped with the latest in video and lighting equipment as well as expert cinematographers. Skystorm is one of the very few production companies in Central Florida that have their own hard cyc wall studio facilities, reducing the need to rent studio space or shoot outside.


Quick Turnaround Production


Wally Argueta, Skystorm’s director of photography, spoke on the subject saying, “Having our own studio means it’s available to us 24/7 so we are able to produce any project regardless of timeline without sacrificing quality. Where if we had to rent a studio for a short deadline, it may cut into actual production time.” Argueta went on to point out the financial benefits. “This also brings down the bottom line since we don’t have to pay rental fees on an outside studio, which ultimately saves money for our clients.”


“I can’t imagine the company without it,” said David Witwer, a regular freelancer with Skystorm Productions. “Delivering quality work in short timeframes is one of Skystorm’s biggest strengths. The studio provides the versatility needed to do that.”


Versatility in Filming


This studio affords Skystorm the flexibility to shoot an almost limitless array of productions within walking distance of their post production division. Since completion, the studio has been used for everything from white background instructional videos, green screen projects, custom lit product shots and complete four wall sets. Having this space has also given them an intimate understanding of what should be shot in studio, on location, or outdoors in relation to cost and quality.


“Obviously, we are very familiar with our own space, so setting up equipment, designing lighting plots and building sets becomes a much quicker process with very predictable results,” Argueta explains. “Even small nuances such as a teleprompter causing light loss, we know before even setting up how the lens aperture needs to be adjusted in order to compensate regardless of custom lighting designs.”


Video Production Consistency


The in-house studio also ensures consistency for contracted clients. A great example of this is Skytorm’s relationship with a pharmaceutical company that requires hundreds of instructional videos for its wide range of products. Each production has to be consistent, utilizing the same set arrangements, regardless of the time between shoot days.


What’s more, being familiar to a consistent filming space means less post-production work is needed. This greatly speeds up the editing process and ultimately provides a better finished product. This again touches the financial aspect in that clients spend less money yet receive a cleaner video. That’s a win-win for everyone involved.


Orlando, Florida Production Studio Under Construction: