Skystorm’s Online Video Proofing Software Saves Time, Builds Client Involvement

Posted by Ashley McChesney
Post Production Video Proofing System

Post Production Video Proofing System

Efficiency and good communication are two things businesses are always seeking to improve. Wasted time is a killer in today’s fast-paced world and misunderstood or late messages can really create a mess. The approval process in video production has always been a slow step on the road to a completed project, but Skystorm has integrated an incredibly effective tool that makes getting the green light go-ahead a simple task.

Skystorm, an Orlando post production company, offers a cloud-based video approval software program that bridges the gap between the video production company and client. The simple process includes uploading an edited video to the online software and sending an invitation to the client via email. The Client follows the link provided and is instantly able to watch, comment, and even draw on individual frames of the video and give feedback.

From there, the editorial staff at Skystorm can instantly respond to the client’s comments and suggestions, make any requested changes, and re-upload the revised video.

“This software has absolutely streamlined the entire client approval process for us,” says Warren Williams, Post Production Supervisor at Skystorm. “It’s allowed us to cut our turn-around time down to minutes verses the days or even weeks to get approval.”

Perhaps the brightest example of the software’s value is with a recent project Skystorm completed for a healthcare company. This client was developing a multi-platform application needing over 2,000 videos, shot, edited, approved, and delivered within a two-month window.  “We were shooting, editing, and uploading 40 videos per day for the client to approve,” recalls Warren. “They were able to give us approval on each one the same day we uploaded it. Without such a great communication system, we never could have committed to such a challenging production workflow.”

Skystorm has been using the software since the spring of 2012 with outstanding results. The software is extremely easy for clients to use and doesn’t require them to set up accounts or remember passwords – all that’s handled by Skystorm’s editors. And because it’s cloud-based, clients are able to view it anywhere in the world, on any device, at any time.

“So many clients tell us how much they love using the system and how involved they feel. They know exactly what the finished product looks like because they help design it,” Warren says. “We think its one of our greatest assets as a video production company.”