Skystorm Productions Wins Documentary Video Award

Posted by Ashley McChesney

Skystorm Productions took home a 38th Annual Telly Award for producing Inside Science TV’s ‘Fluid Dynamics: Fish, Feathers, Fluid, Phlegm & Freaks’. This is a welcome addition to our collection of commercial awards and also marks Skystorm’s second award won for a documentary piece. It is a privilege to receive recognition for a science documentary, while also benefitting STEM interest. This is only the beginning of future influential documentaries to come.

skystorm 2017 telly award
Skystorm has enjoyed serving as a production partner with the American Institute of Physics for several years, producing an array of educational videos, including short and long form documentaries. Recently, AIP Program Director Jason Bardi, has been been working to expand our small format pieces into short films. ‘Fluid Dynamics’ is the first video in this new format of longer form documentary.

Powerful visual artistry and creative cinematography were applied to the production of this documentary in order to deliver complex information in a compelling fashion. One of main goals of this production was taking multiple interviews from several researchers and weaving their information into a story line that connected all the pieces together in a clear and easily understandable way.
The documentary starts off with a moment of reflection featuring two main characters: a vast, ageless ocean and an older man in his retirement years. Director of Photography, Wally Argueta, explains this moment represents the meekness of humanity in comparison to wild, unchained nature.
“The thought was to invoke a sense of calm, reflective emotion related to the viewer’s past favorable experiences in and around the ocean to set the stage for the five stories related to fluid dynamics,” says Warren Williams, Skystorm Project Director and project co-creator.
To capture this emotion as a visual statement, there were some calculated production risks taken. One of these risks included Argueta documenting footage while halfway submerged in the ocean. For this to be possible, the camera rig was stripped down to allow it to become more manageable while being swayed by ocean waves.
Along with its exquisite cinematography, immersive sound design, and artistic visual effects, ‘Fish, Feathers, Fluid, Phlegm & Freaks’ encompasses the drive of progress as people seek to better understand, relate to, and be inspired by the natural world. The five unique stories stimulate the viewer’s imagination to connect with the obscure field of fluid dynamics and how its research can benefit the world in amazing ways. The collaboration between Skystorm and Inside Science within production and post-production generated an award-winning documentary that Skystorm is proud to present.