Skystorm Post-Production Are the Real 2017 Award Winners

Posted by Ashley McChesney

This latest commercial award season has been another prosperous one for Skystorm Productions. We have new silver Tellys on their way in the mail and our post-department has even more to brag about.

video awards

We are going to need to expand our display.


Highlighting our Post-Production Department

We normally only submit our commercial production and campaign entries. This year we have included more of our post-production capabilities in craft categories such as 2D animation and motion graphics title design. Our post department is a tremendous group of unsung heroes consisting of animators, VFX artists, and senior editors. We figured it was about time they got some love as well.

Take a look at all of this year’s entries:


God TV Title Design


We partnered with God TV to produce a tv series called ‘God at Work.’ The entire series is beautiful, but our production and post department really hit it out of the park with the opening title sequence. Click the link below to see the video and a breakdown of our VFX process for this project.

GodTV ‘God at Work’



Action Church 2D Motion Graphics


A project close to our hearts, we created this video for Action Church to bring an important message to their congregation. Action Church is known for being a young, creative and energizing organization, so our work on this motion graphics piece had to be incredibly impactful to captivate their audience. Take a look at the link below for a quick rundown of the creative process on this complex animated video.

Action Church Motion Graphics Spot



Nanosteel Campaign

We had the privilege of working with legends on this project; NanoSteel and Bob Lutz.
NanoSteel is revolutionizing the steel industry by allowing the American Muscle Car heritage to live on in a world that is evolving into a space that requires efficient fuel economy and lower emissions. Strength without the weight.
Bob Lutz is the name behind brands like GM and VLF Motors. He has spent almost 50 years in the automotive industry, influencing and educating us all in the process.
Nanosteel tasked us with building a campaign to prove that American muscle and regulatory compliance can live together – and without sacrificing style. We are very proud of the videos we produced for this launch.
All three spots are listed below, and here are some BTS from filming.

NanoSteel ‘Redefined’ :30


NanoSteel ‘Car Guy’ with Bob Lutz :45


NanoSteel ‘Spend on What Matters’ :30


We are always so thankful for all that we have, but looking ahead, we are in the middle of one of our most productive years yet. We can’t wait to show you everything we have been working on.