PBS launches story with the help of the Skystorm Produced Documentary

Posted by John Haslam

Skystorm is pleased to highlight their role alongside Charisma Media in the production of the documentary “Sanford, The Untold Story” and it’s use in a recent PBS episode of Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.

This particular episode, hosted by Kim Lawton, outlines a peace movement of some 70 pastors in the Central Florida area after the infamous shooting of Trayvon Martin and how the event has created an opportunity for conversation on the topic of racism.

In October 2012, Charisma Media contracted Skystorm to produce a documentary about this pastoral movement to bring peace and religious understanding to not only a racially divided area, but around the country. The documentary “Sanford, The Untold Story” did just that and went on to win a Silver Telly Award.

Following the trial of George Zimmerman, the pastors had another reconciliation in Sanford on July 30th, 2013. Skystorm was there with their HD mobile truck capturing the event live.

PBS used many clips from the documentary and this recent reconciliation in their nationally televised broadcast that aired just days before 50th anniversary of the historical civil rights ‘March on Washington D.C. for Jobs and Freedom’ headed by Martin Luther King Jr. on August 28, 1963.

The video below is a portion of the episode that originally aired.

Sanford: The Untold Story from Skystorm Productions on Vimeo.