New Technology Bringing ‘Bullet Time’ Effect To Live Event Production

Posted by John Haslam

The year was 1999 when the ground-breaking movie The Matrix brought us new styles of cinematography and jaw-dropping action scenes. Its spinning camera angles gave movie audience never-before-seen multi-view angles of the characters and brought “Bullet Time” film sequences into mainstream movie making.

The process of making a bullet time sequence is usually extremely time consuming, requiring hours in post production to stitch the many sequences together – meaning live events would have not chance at being able to use the technique. But that’s about to change.

The Japanese broadcast company NHK is developing a robotic camera system and software capable of shooting, then creating bullet time sequences within one minute. The developers are gearing the system towards capturing live events in hopes of an instant replay-style bullet time sequence that gives referees and spectators of these live events a radical new view of the action.

As with all cutting-edge technology, the equipment and software to achieve shooting live event style bullet time shots will become available in due time. Skystorm will be keeping an anxious eye on NHK’s progress in hopes of one day adopting the capabilities for our mobile HD video truck. Check out the video below to see NHK’s system in action.