Lightning Fast Post Production

Posted by John Haslam

Skystorm SAN System

Skystorm’s Post Production Supervisor, Warren Williams, and Senior Editor, Jason Chamberlain, unpacking the SAN.


Skystorm’s Florida Post Production Department benefited recently from the installation of a brand new shared storage area network (SAN) designed and built by legendary local Systems Engineer, Bob Zelin, of Rescue 1, Inc. (


“Before, we were constantly moving massive amounts of video media from drive to drive, consuming hours of project time for media management”, says Skystorm’s Florida Post Production Supervisor, Warren Williams.  “Our intense, high-volume delivery schedules demanded that we have multiple copies of raw data and media on many different hard drives to accommodate multiple post production editors working on the projects simultaneously.  Now, with the new SAN, our video and media management time has been drastically reduced and our creatives can keep the juices flowing while editing, designing and proofing at high speeds across our network.  It is a welcome addition to our Post Department and the benefits will be passed on to our clientele as project delivery time becomes even shorter”.


A huge Skystorm “Thank you and well done!” to our friend, Bob Zelin – our go to guy for Florida post production and video production solutions!