The Benefits of Pre Production Planning

Posted by John Haslam

In business, time equals money and no one likes wasting either. Avoiding the pitfalls of poor planning can mean the difference between a quality video product and a mediocre one that fails to meet a client’s goals.

Making the most of any video-based project requires time in pre production planning – laying the foundation for which the entire project will stand. Without the benefit of proper planning, the likelihood for unforeseen problems affecting the production is much greater.

So what does pre production planning include?  Detailing a holistic view of the project in its entirety in order to pinpoint avoidable problems and to ensure its seamless operation.

Skystorm works with clients to define:

  • Overall objective
    ·      Target audience
    ·      The message (including themes, ideas, and topic)
    ·      Budget constraints
    ·      Talent needs
    ·      Location needs

Skystorm then defines what resources are needed to accomplish that project:
·      Crew needs
·      Camera/lighting equipment
·      Computer/sound equipment
·      Location specifics (filming permits, ambient noise, transportation)

“Correcting errors in post production is a situation we want to avoid,” says Skystorm editor Jason Chamberlain. “For example, it’s always better to overshoot than to end up not having enough footage resulting in having to come up with creative solutions in post.”

Skystorm Productions strives to fully understand the needs of each client so the finished video product exceeds every expectation set forth.  “Our goal is to maximize our clients’ cost/benefit ratio,” says John Haslam, CEO of Skystorm. “But even more than that, we aim to deliver a video product our clients will be excited to show off. We couldn’t accomplish that without the right planning and foresight.”

Skystorm Productions is based in Lake Mary, Florida and serves not only the Central Florida area, but also the entire United States. State-of-the-art video equipment and a mobile HD video truck give Skystorm a huge advantage in meeting the unique needs of clients nationwide.