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Wilson Learning Highlights

Training Video Series

Skystorm partnered with Wilson Learning to develop a series of evergreen training videos. Wilson Learning is already a leader in the training world; they have refined their learning solutions into easy to understand yet life-altering modules used by thousands of organizations worldwide. We were entrusted to take these proven tools and sharpen them for a modern audience – something that we took very seriously.

A successful final delivery would not have been possible without a complete understanding and respect for the product. Skystorm completed a thorough screening of the existing training modules and developed an understanding of who Wilson Learning is as a company. All of these pre-production measures along with simple yet bold GFX treatments combined to bring a whole new level of effectiveness to the series.

Because these videos were intended to be used over time, the challenge in creating these training videos was to make them as timeless as possible so as not to take away and distract from Wilson Learning’s training methods. To add a feeling of authority and quality, the narratives were captured with crisp, cinematic style cameras. Set dressing was also carefully selected to add to the shelf life for these videos.