‘Sanford: The Untold Story’ Documentary

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‘Sanford: The Untold Story’ Documentary

From Travyon Martin’s death to the indictment and trial of George Zimmerman, this racially charged controversy erupted into a national uproar that brought a lot of scrutiny to the town of Sanford, Florida. In response, Steve Strang with Charisma Media in partnership with Christian Life Missions hired Skystorm Productions to create a documentary promoting a positive message of peace and love through the support and involvement of the church with the community.

The goal was to produce a compelling documentary that challenged church leaders to stir up positive actions in a time where unity was needed most. The subject matter was emotional and every step of filming this documentary required swift and detailed organization in order to capture the many locations while the story was unfolding. All of these factors made the importance of organized and refined production systems all the more imperative.

The documentary went on to enjoy national broadcast success and viewership on several networks including PBS as well as winning a Silver Telly in the Documentary category.

In the end, Skystorm was proud to not only deliver an award-winning documentary, but also be a part of helping spread a declaration of peace in a tragic moment in our town’s history.