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Raise Commercial Spot :90

Raise Commercial ‘Sweat Stains Are History’

The bid and approach to the first ever commercial for Raise: Armpit Sweat Stain Remover was to be able to compete with national brands, aiming to be set apart from competitors by targeting the area where no one can compete — sweat stains.

For the Raise commercial to display the message: “Sweat stains are history”, sets were built centered around the comedic idea that sweat stain solutions of the past were more damaging to clothing and more labor intensive rather than effective. The narrative walks through the history of laundering challenges to arrive at the modern approach of sweat stain removal as the hero of the story shows just how easy it is to have stain-free clothing by using Raise.

The pacing of the story drives the camera movement. At first, the camera movement is tame; then while the narrative moves from concept to concept, the camera tracks, sweeps in, and punches in. The narrative path is brought into movement, becoming a catalyst for viewer development.

Once past the museum of sets, the viewer is taken to a “white world” to accelerate the richness of coloring elements while also keeping the viewer focused on key product elements. The “white world” also provides a clean slate—void of alignments with specific viewers, regions, or demographics.

Skystorm filmed this commercial in Orlando, Florida in a studio built to Hollywood specs to create premium look and feel that will allow Raise to compete at a national level alongside America’s most well-known household names.

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