PMA Mini Documentary – Mr. Lucky

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PMA Mini Documentary – Mr. Lucky

Mini Documentary Corporate Profile

Skystorm went on location in Mexico to create both an English and Spanish version for PMA’s mini-documentary on Mr. Lucky’s story. The underlying tone for this corporate profile is personal and relational, featuring some of the history behind the family’s business.

Produce business owner, Mr. Lucky, shares a unique story about how a family business grew into a large company of over 5,000 hardworking employees. What started as 150 acres, became a 12,000-acre farm in Mexico, producing and distributing fresh vegetables to customers internationally. With the help of Produce Marketing Association, Mr. Lucky’s business was able to connect with customers and suppliers outside of Mexico.

For overhead shots, a drone was used to reveal the vast landscape of Mr. Lucky’s outdoor field. For the interior, tight shots were used to generate a “dramatic” look of the work environment indoors.

During the making of this mini-documentary in both English and Spanish, Skystorm remained careful to avoid anything being lost in translation. “Insensitivity is a concern when shooting for other companies and cultures,” says Rob Micai, Skystorm’s Executive Producer. For Skystorm, the goal is to always give justice to a story or vision and celebrate the culture behind it.