PMA Mini Documentary – Cathy Burns

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PMA Mini Documentary – Cathy Burns

Corporate Profile Mini Documentary

The goal behind this mini-documentary was to humanize and build awareness around the PMA brand story by leveraging visual content. Skystorm chose a cinematic and emotional approach to introduce Cathy Burns as the new President and CEO of Produce Marketing Association via a personal and introspective storyline.

The video opens featuring Burns biking in a scenic setting in full cycling gear. Burns’ voiceover begins to describe her passion for biking and the exhilaration, freedom, and sense of adventure she feels while trekking across diverse terrain. The narrative draws the connection between her hobby of cycling and PMA—who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

As the video progresses, the narrative expounds on the resources, insights, connections, and tools PMA offers to help members navigate and capitalize on their industry’s business field. The information given through the narrative as well as the PMA culture presented through visuals show that PMA has the ability to help their members make the connections that will grow their business—stronger, better, and faster.

Utilized as the beginning of a new marketing approach, this mini-doc establishes PMA’s brand story and the additional corporate profile videos to follow.