NanoSteel ‘Spend on What Matters’ :30

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NanoSteel ‘Spend on What Matters’ :30

Branding Web Commercial

This video was part of a campaign for NanoSteel that included three full commercial spots, plus supporting social media videos and interview segments to create an entire launch. The campaign features long-time automotive expert, Bob Lutz.

NanoSteel is revolutionizing the auto industry with it’s super lightweight yet strong materials. Of the three main campaign videos, this is the only video to mention aluminum by name. The treatment for this video included a can being run under the wheel of a powerful car to bring the point home – aluminum is no competition for NanoSteel.

We spent three days filming in Michigan for this series of web videos, squeezing in four beautiful locations to really capture the message of NanoSteel’s branding. One of the cornerstones of the concept for the videos was the production value. To create a cinematic style we used two Arri Alexa cameras, dynamic lighting, and a variety of car mounts for filming.

car camera mount