NanoSteel ‘Redefined’ :30

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NanoSteel ‘Redefined’ :30

Campaign Intro

This video serves as an introduction to a movement happening within the automotive industry – one in which NanoSteel is leading the pack.

NanoSteel has created an automotive material that is capable of delivering a better future while preserving what we have always loved about cars. A material that is light enough to optimize fuel economy, while being strong enough to keep your entire family safe, all without sacrificing beauty.

This is the first video of a commercial series created to show that NanoSteel is the future. We called on the voice of Bob Lutz, an industry maverick, to lend weight to the seriousness of the claims being made. Claims that we further highlighted by using a contrasting and subtly humorous tone. A brand launch that makes you do a double take. ‘Did I hear that right? He’s talking about…cars?’ This campaign is targeting automotive enthusiasts, and a true car enthusiast will understand how talking about their car, could be mistaken for talking about a wife.

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