‘The Massey Story’ Pest Control :30

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‘The Massey Story’ Pest Control :30

Targeted Demographic Campaign

Massey is a company driven by the ideals and morals of founder Harvey Massey. Over the years they have refined their business approach and marketing to fit the needs and wants of their clients. While they are deeply rooted in their original market locations, they are continually expanding. This year’s advertising needed to address this expansion and target two separate demographics.

Our Executive Producer is a veteran of the annual Massey commercial endeavors and has spearheaded several past campaigns. With such an intimate understanding of the client needs, we were able to produce two very different campaigns that were still a tailored fit to the company branding.

The final delivery consisted of four videos, divided into two campaigns, “The Massey Story” which utilized a heartfelt and inspirational tone, and the humorous “Second Opinion.” Both were built to evolve and play off of previous videos for a fresh take year after year.

We used two Arri Alexa camera packages, which we felt was one of the few that could achieve both concepts while remaining boldly cinematic in feel. We filmed all four spots over the course of four days and six locations. ‘The Massey Story’ also featured real techs from the company.

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