‘The Massey Story’ Lawn Care :30

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‘The Massey Story’ Lawn Care :30

Storytelling Through Branded Commercial

This commercial campaign stems from the idea that you have probably already heard of Massey, but if you haven’t, here is their story.

The goal was to illustrate that Massey takes their image and professionalism very seriously. Company vehicles and equipment washed daily, uniforms starched every morning and ties required even in the hottest of summer days. Massey puts such emphasis on these details because they insist on keeping their client’s homes as clean as the company image.

A big factor in keeping a mass market spot relatable to every region it is shown in is keeping both location and wardrobe generic. We shot all four videos in this campaign in Florida. However, you will not see a palm tree in any frame. We scheduled production for the end of the year, but with unseasonably low temperatures forecasted, we adjusted production times to film before the temperature drops so that the grass would still be green.

Massey story commercial behind the scenes