Massey Commercial Campaign ‘Second Opinion’ :30

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Massey Commercial Campaign ‘Second Opinion’ :30

Comedic Commercial

Massey has every right to take pride in their spotless reputation. As we worked through a concept for this project, we heard incredible client testimonials about a service provider who had gained an unparalleled level of trust. This trust comes from the fact that Massey as a company is smart enough to understand that no one wants strangers in their home. Most clients seemed to know their tech by name, and in turn, most techs knew their client’s pets names.

For the ‘Second Option’ spots, we wanted to show these client/tech relationships in a whole new way. A second opinion on real-life events outside of pest control. Humor was a relatively new approach to the Massey campaign strategy. Once we brought the concept to the table, we collaborated on script content with several representatives spread throughout the company to make sure we have a firm grasp on the company culture.

Visually, we decided on a brighter, sharper aesthetic with faster cuts to bring focus to the comedic situations and dialogue.

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