ISTV ‘Fluid Dynamics’ Documentary

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ISTV ‘Fluid Dynamics’ Documentary

‘Fluid Dynamics’ Long Form Documentary

Skystorm has enjoyed serving as a production partner with AIP (American Institute of Physics) for several years producing multi-format video series, including short and long form documentaries. Jason Bardi, AIP Program Director, envisioned expanding our small format documentary pieces into ten minute short films, branded as “Inside Science Documentary”. This video was the first of these long form documentaries. We are currently planning future endeavors that will help generate more interest for STEM.

The ‘Fluid Dynamics’ documentary starts off with a moment of reflection featuring two main characters: a vast, ageless ocean and an older man in his retirement years. This moment represents the meekness of humanity in comparison to a wild, unchained nature. By invoking a sense of calm, reflective emotion, this opening scene sets the stage for five stories related to fluid dynamics.

Along with its exquisite cinematography, lush sound design, and artistic visual effects, ‘Fish, Feathers, Fluid, Phlegm & Freaks’ encompasses the drive of progress as people seek to better understand, relate to, and be inspired by the natural world. The five unique stories stimulate the viewer’s imagination to connect with the obscure field of fluid dynamics and how its research can benefit the world in amazing ways. This collaboration between Skystorm and Inside Science in both production and post-production created an award winning documentary that Skystorm is proud to present.