Facts on File Animated Story

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Facts on File Animated Story

Short Form Educational Video

Facts On File Animated Story is a fun, unconventional STEM educational video with a narrative about what happens biologically during America’s annual Thanksgiving feast. One may never look at Thanksgiving dinner the same!

Just in time for the holidays, American Institute of Physics sought to release a video for the Facts On File Series before Thanksgiving that involved character animation. While working against a two week timeline, Skystorm’s Post-production department brainstormed the most effective animation style for this particular project. The final conceptual solution was to use “cut outs” of real people acting out the script. The inspiration came from stop-motion films to give the video an “animated” feel. 2D animation was rendered in a 3D space to give the motion graphics an even more impactful look.

The client loved the impact of the video. Skystorm accomplished the goal of creating a short video delivering fun facts in an entertaining style. The process of making this educational video involved creative solutions generated from Skystorm’s post-production department to provide AIP with their vision while also meeting a short deadline so as to not be late for Thanksgiving dinner.