Fairwinds Credit Union ‘Wherever You Are’ :30

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Fairwinds Credit Union ‘Wherever You Are’ :30

Fairwinds Broadcast Commercial Campaign

The ambition for Fairwinds’ commercial campaign was to rebrand its image to reach a broad and diverse audience. The specific goal for ‘Wherever You Are’ was to showcase that although Fairwinds Credit Union have many branch locations, they provide apps and many online banking options — allowing you to take your bank wherever you go and be able to access it wherever you are.

With this in mind, Skystorm chose to film this spot with an Arri Alexa camera package for its dynamic range and color characteristics and used handheld shooting to create a feeling of voyeurism. The Aesthetics were kept modern, clean, crisp and uncluttered so that viewers could obtain information about Fairwinds from the quiet dialog rather than from a loud laundry list of generic capabilities.

Forasmuch as Skystorm is a cinematography company, we are a commercial production company who strive to bring all aspects of a creative vision to life. Both broadcast commercial spots produced for Fairwinds Credit Union, including ‘Wherever You Are’ won several production awards. For Skystorm, it was an honor and privilege to work with Fairwinds in combining the art of cinematography with commercial production to produce award winning commercials.

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