Fairwinds Credit Union ‘Financial Freedom’ :30

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Fairwinds Credit Union ‘Financial Freedom’ :30

Fairwinds Commercial Broadcast Campaign

The identity of Fairwinds Credit Union, in the context of banking and financial options, is big enough to see a global financial picture, but small enough to care about their members individually. For the majority of Americans and people around the world, financial freedom is a dream.

From the perspective of the younger generation, achieving this dream may seem unattainable and a fearsome task, but with the support of Fairwinds Credit Union the dream of financial freedom can become a reality which was their rebranding goal when coming to Skystorm Productions.

For ‘Financial Freedom’, the visual statement produced captures viewers by its thoughtful cinematography and color grading, giving the feeling of a perfect day. Skystorm utilized the Arri Alexa camera package for its dynamic color characteristics which provides the viewers a beautifully crafted picture of “life” with Fairwinds. The voiceover is conversational and quiet to allow for the story to shine in effort to reach a broad spectrum of potential members.

This impactful broadcast commercial campaign resulted in several awards won during its aired time on WESH 2 News.

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