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D+H Commercial

D+H Financial Solutions Commercial Video

D+H exist to help their clients grow every day. They use their passion for collaboration and their insights to earn their client’s trust and ensure their long-term growth. D+H promises “solutions for people” throughout every stage of life.

To capture the brand and message of D+H, the storyline focuses around the hero’s progression through life and how that growth relies on their banking institution. Four vignettes were created within the video, navigating through a few years of growth in a young person’s life: propelling viewers in the same way flipping through a photo album does. By providing a thoughtful storyline and a main character, the viewer can simply put themselves in the character’s place and relate to a realistic narrative.

The target audience are the millennial generation—specifically the ideal millennial customer who invests in their future. Therefore, the style of cinematography is personal, real, contemporary and inspiring. To allow for the story to shine through, the pace is easy to follow along and the image quality is clear with a simplistic aesthetic. That way, the viewer can experience what D+H has to offer without any visual clutter.