Coates Golf :60

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Coates Golf :60

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Skystorm Productions created a series of brand videos for the debut of women’s golf apparel and accessory company, Coates Golf. One of the goals for this brand launch was to highlight Coates as a serious line of female golf hardware, textiles and accessories. Serious hardware for serious female golfers.

Though Coates is a sporting brand, they are also representing a lifestyle of fiercely elegant women who are not only full of poise and elegance – but also brimming with strength, serious determination, and a passion for the sport of golf.

This 60 second spot highlights product shots, commercial film, editing and graphics work that were used in the total brand launch series. Shots blend together in quick bursts, full of energy – just like the Coates woman.

Since the time of this campaign, Coates has enjoyed a successful brand launch that brought them into nationwide specialty golf retailers and sporting goods stores. All individual videos from this commercial series have won both Telly and Addy Awards.

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