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AAA Culture Video

Commercial Culture Video

One of the outstanding qualities of AAA is its diversity, from the services offered to their associates. AAA is a place for unique individuals to work and have their voice heard and truly feel they are making a difference.

To capture the essence of AAA and its culture, Skystorm used a variety of camera angles with great attention to details in the workplace. For the interviews, the camera frame is tight and intimate showcasing the humanity of AAA’s employees and the dedicated passion toward their work at AAA.

With the use of b-roll footage, the viewer can experience the AAA work environment and culture. The footage is bright and clear with in-and-out focusing on the associates at work in real time—collaborating and interacting with one another. Using strategic camera angles centering around detail with a combination of intimate interviews, Skystorm delivered an inspirational video that encompasses the mission of AAA: to provide the best customer service possible by valuing not only their customers, but also their employees.