Skystorm & American Institute of Physics Celebrate Two-Year Collaboration

Posted by Ashley McChesney

The American Institute of Physics and Skystorm Productions recently celebrated two years of working together in production of AIP’s Inside Science TV – a twice-weekly video segment covering a range of science topics. Whether you are a wine drinker (Electrical Pulses Could Make Better Wine) or a golfer (Optical Illusion Can Improve Your Golf Game) or you just love learning, Inside Science TV is there with broadcast-ready content that is interesting, diverse, and relevant.

The 90-second videos are published on AIP’s website and syndicated to approximately 40 local news stations in markets nationwide, along with a growing presence in international markets. Skystorm has the privilege of producing the final product from video clips and interviews gathered by AIPs own production team interviewing physicists, chemists, and other scientists across the USA. Motion graphics, 2D and 3D models, lower thirds, sound effects and voice-over are all added to help viewers understand some of the complex topics covered.

Skystorm’s relationship with AIP has grown close over the past two years. “We are a family here at Skystorm and we like to extend that relationship to our clients,” says John Haslam, CEO of Skystorm. “We love that we have such open communication and are able to accommodate any special requests they may have.”

To celebrate the close working relationship, Ben Stein, Emilie Lorditch, and Karin Heineman of Inside Science TV paid Skystorm’s production facilities a visit in mid-November to see first hand how their videos are produced.

“Having worked with Skystorm remotely for a long time in a very successful fashion, today we saw firsthand the steps of post-production for our segments, including proofing, editing, visualization, animation, and color correction. A wonderful, informative, and inspiring day,” said Ben Stein, director of Inside Science at the American Institute of Physics.

Warren Williams, Skystorm’s Post Production Supervisor, started the walkthrough in Edit 1 and ended in Edit 5, showing step by step how episodes are handled from start to finish by way of an entire dedicated team of editors and graphic designers. “Our team follows a specific work-flow on a daily basis and it allows us to stay on track and be efficient in a high-volume production environment,” continued Warren.

“Skystorm gives equal credit to AIP’s production team for working so hard at all hours to ensure only the best stories are captured” says John Haslam. “It truly is a team effort and I think the results speak for themselves; almost 200 syndicated video segments and counting!”