Shaq Dives into 360 Video Shoot at Production Studio in Orlando

Posted by Ashley McChesney

360 Augmented Reality in Skystorm Production Studio in Orlando


Skystorm Productions is excited to announce our involvement in the production of AriZona Tea’s SodaShaq Basketball, an interactive, augmented reality, mobile video game experience that puts smartphone-using, cream soda drinkers on the basketball court with Shaquille O’Neal‘s 3D likeness.


Emulat3D brought their 360-degree camera rig into our production studio in Orlando for the shoot. Each of the 30 cameras on the rig took 30 images and specialized 3D imaging software stitched the 900 images together creating a full 3D bust of the subject – in this case Shaq. Those high-resolution, 8K images were then scaled back into a smaller format for mobile technology use. Also heavily involved in the project were NuMedia Innovations, Product Broadcasting, MPire Creative, and of course AriZona Tea.


Shaq’s bust is a prominent feature in the augmented reality game. Action is triggered by scanning his face imprinted on a can of his new SodaShaq cream soda while running AriZona Tea’s SodaShaq Basketball smartphone application. The app then uses live video from your smartphone’s camera to overlay a basketball court and hoop hanging from your can of SodaShaq, all viewable on the phone’s screen. The objective is to flick basketballs with your finger into the hoop for the win. All the while, Shaq is giving either encouragement or taunts, depending on your performance.


The game brings an exciting level of user involvement into the soda industry and encourages patrons to repurchase the product time and again. With the help of some amazing companies, AriZona Tea and Shaq have created a winning combination of a tasty cream soda and mobile interactive video game. Check out the behind-the-scenes video from our production studio in Orlando!