GoPro Revolution

Posted by Ashley McChesney

Recent technological advances have made it possible for average photographers and videographers to take high-quality pictures and videos.  Often, these amateur productions are difficult to distinguish from professional work.  In particular, GoPro cameras have revolutionized the way average users capture imagery.

GoPro cameras are innovative new devices that have revolutionized the way users take videos and pictures, especially in the world of extreme sports.  With extremely high resolution, extra-wide angle lenses, automatic lighting adjustment, professional-grade audio equipment, and Protune mode for stunning quality, users’ videos are crisp, clear, and engaging.  With a number of affordable accessories, including chest harnesses and helmet attachments, surfers, skaters, athletes, and skydivers alike can take high-quality video in a number of conditions that other cameras would not be able to withstand.

This video, which documents the 2012 vertical skydiving record, was recorded entirely on a GoPro HD Hero Camera.

Furthermore, every GoPro camera is equipped with a waterproof casing that makes it perfect for water sports, snow sports, or anything in rainy, humid conditions.  These cameras were designed to withstand the extremes, such as in this GoPro surf video:

When GoPro users have finished shooting and are ready to publish and share their videos, GoPro offers a free, comprehensive editing software specifically designed to enhance footage to its highest potential and to give users complete control of how their shots are presented.  It includes the abilities to adjust playback speeds, add music, mix clips, and even adjust fisheye control.  Sporting enthusiasts no longer have to go through jumpy, unclear footage to relive their favorite moments — the GoPro transforms their videos into complete, engaging experiences.
What does this mean for both amateur and professional videographers alike?  The GoPro makes it easy and affordable to create and produce magnificent videos, and eases the process from start to finish.  According to James Trew in his review of the latest GoPro camera, “Every iteration of the camera has promised to bring your chosen activity to life in more detail and clarity.”  Whether you’re documenting your newest skate tricks or simply capturing your latest experience on a nature trail, the GoPro helps you generate videos that can–and should–be watched and shared for years to come.

Learn about all the great features of the GoPro’s latest release, the Hero3+ Black on the GoPro website.