Crazy Weekend

Posted by John Haslam

Talk about a crazy weekend! Skystorm Truck Engineer Robert Miller, and team had a busy weekend traveling the state of Florida for two different shoots.


Robert working his magic inside the truck

On Saturday, Skystorm went down to Miami to shoot college football. Whether you are a Gators fan or Canes fan, you cannot deny that tensions were high in the SunLife Stadium. Caught all on camera, Skystorm shot the game for FOX’s Master Control in Houston, Texas. They used the footage to replay the game the next day on “Breakfast with the Gators”, which plays a fast paced version of the game without all the downtime.


The trucked parked outside of the Sunlife Stadium


Setting up the day before the game in 100 degree weather!

On Sunday, Skystorm went to the TV55’s Studio to shoot a Live Satellite Uplink for GodTV. Based in Jerusalem, Israel, GodTV’s Master Control was connecting directly with Skystorm’s Mobile Truck in Orlando, FL to capture conversations between GodTV Jerusalem owners Rory and Wendy Alec and TV55’s owner Claude Bowers with pastor Mark Chirona. Following the conversation, Mark gave a 40-minute sermon.


Setting up for the shoot on TV55’s Set


Mark Chirona conducting his sermon on the Satellite Uplink


David in the satellite truck.

Now it’s Monday and we are already prepping the truck for the big Reinhard Bonnke show at the Amway Arena. More crazy schedules yet to come!


The truck parked outside of TV55’s studio next to the satellite truck.